Monday, January 16, 2012

Marchen | Sound Horizon Photoshoot Preview

Hello guys !

I can't believe that this is my first blog post of the year D: I feel like the laziest blogger ever ! /shy Anyways , I do have a few cosplay photoshoots and also a product review to blog about. Still getting use to my weird school schedule. I prefer last semester schedule better and to my disappointment , no fashion related subjects yet. ;-;

I'm pretty busy last week due to having two photoshoots during the weekends ! Yuuko Ichihara Cheongsam photoshoot for Chinese New Year and also our Marchen : Sound Horizon group photoshoot :D I'm getting more obessed with my character song . . perhaps I will make the white dress version and also get a Blue Beard to cosplay with me ! /excited ~ We'll see :3

First up is our Marchen : Sound Horizon full group photoshoot :


" Lust "

Photo by Kenneth Tee

This is my death mask , made by the combining effort of the team members ~ special thanks to Kappy and Ryeain for teaching me how to do the feather masks and also Angie for drawing the beautiful logo for all of us !


" Just why my supposedly white gown is so bloody red ? "

".. ah I remember now. It's red because I was killed by that man."

Photo by Razrig Photography

Me as Blue Beard's 5th Wife


" Now then , shall we begin the stage play of revenge ? "

- Marchen von Friedhof-

Photo by Razrig Photography

Marchen | Sound Horizon

Pukwong as Marchen von Friedhof
Jaq Lavena as Elize
Ryeain as Elisabeth von Wettin
Angie Ong as Poor Girl
Akiyumi as Nun / Daughter
Kappy Ng as Snow White
Aiko Shorin as Daughter
Karie Yong as Sleeping Beauty
Me as Blue Beard's 5th Wife
Byou as Red / Blue Prince

I love my Marchen team very much ! It was really staying over night as a team eventhough rushing costumes and props is kinda tiring :p The food we had for two days were awesome ~ love the Sukiyaki , Mandarin Oranges , Choco pudding and also the Carbonara Fettucini ! :D 

Much thanks to Raz , Kc and Kenneth for coming over to shoot for all of us and not forgetting awesome helper Ren :D

Will post more photos soon !