Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photoshoot : Evangelion 2.0

Hello guys !

It seems that my blog has fully been converted to a cosplay blog . Fear not ! I will be blogging bout something other than my cosplays soon . Probably you will hear me rant more in the future like " Arghhhhh assignments ." Just saying :-p

Anyways , yes it's the very same spot I had my Anarchy Stocking photoshoot earlier lol ! In fact , I had like maybe 5-6 photoshoots here this year . I lost count but it's a really beautiful spot and suitable for many cosplay shoots !

I first watched Evangelion 2.0 : You Can ( Not ) Advance last year when I got back to my hometown . Watched it with a group of friends and the story was really interesting . I never thought that it has so much gore in it . Totally my cup of tea . ( lots of nekid-ness too lol )

Been fortunate enough to be a part of Mbek's Evangelion group ! It was super fun working with Mbek and Chiaki again after the HOTD shoot we had a week earlier . It's my first time cosplaying with Kemuri and gosh she is super hot ! * v * My heart went * doki doki * HAHA Thanks to Chiaki for helping me get my socks 8)

" Evangelion 2.0 : You Can ( Not ) Advance "


Kemuri as Shinji Ikari
Mbek as Rei Ayanami
Chiaki Nana as Asuka Langley Soryu
Me as Mari Makinami
Akiko as Misato Katsuragi



" Mari Makinami "

Photo by Raz


" Megane ohh megane .. "

Photo by Raz


" First contact "

Photo by Raz


" You and I "

Photo by Raz


( Owh yes super hot Shinji I am eye-balling you )

Photo by Raz


" Rei and Mari "

Photo by Raz


" Evangelion 2.0 : You Can ( Not )Advance "

Photo by Raz


" Mari "

Photo by KC


Photo by KC


" Stare "

Photo by KC

Definitely not very satisfied with my Mari cosplay . I think I should lose more weight my face is so chubby D: Love the costume to bits though ~ my first time wearing such simple and airy costume 8)

p/s : Special thanks to Kazeki for coming to be out director 8)