Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Eyelash No 9 Review

Harro !

Introducing my new found love - " Kiss Me " Heroine Make Impact Eyelash No #9 ( lower lashes ). This is the one of many lashes that I excessively hoard , which most of them are collecting dust and might never get to see sunlight at all . /makes sad face . Looking at my secret stash of fake lashes , I shall make a promise that I'll review one pair at least once a week :-)

I got these pair of lovelies last month I think and magically one afternoon I just decided to try it out !


This is how the packaging looks like . Kinda nice and simple . I kind like the manga drawing , reminds me of shoujo manga ten years ago .


There's detailed instructions on how to apply the fake lashes and on how to remove it afterwards . Some of the descriptions of the fake lashes :

# Natural volume for lower lashes
# Design to suit even the widest eyes
#A special eyelash glue included ( there's a small tube of glue inside )


I've been thinking hard whether to get this or Dolly Wink No# 5 Real Nude . But since I never tried Kiss Me lashes before , I decided to give it a go !


The results ? I LOVE IT SO MUCH ! The band of the fake lashes are invisible so it's pretty natural and it's so easy to apply it on ~ I was lazy to get my tweezers , and surprisingly I can stick it on nicely using just my fingers lol



Close up of the Heroin Make No# 9 .



Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Eyelash No. 9 ( lower lashes )

# Length : 4/10 [ It's not too long but just nice in pictures :-) ]
# Volume : 4/10
# Easy to apply ? : Yes , I put it on using my fingers lol , I don't even need a tweezer .
# Price : It's Rm 22.90 for a pair and sometimes if you are lucky , you can get it cheaper during sales ! I got mine for Rm 19.90 only .

Verdict :

Definitely my favourite lower lashes up to date ! Now I feel like trying out other Kiss Me products too :-)