Friday, June 10, 2011

HOTD | 10th June 2011

# HOTD = Hauls Of The Day !

Harro ~

My birthday is coming soon so I can have an official excuse to buy some nice make-up stuff for myself ! I'm usually quite thrifty when it comes to buying make-up stuff but lately I got influenced badly by Dolly Wink and Canmake . . . ( T__T ) I love beautiful packaging ! I mean who doesn't ? /guilty


Some of the nice stuff I got myself today !


To be fair , I actually never bought any blusher before . The one and only I'm using currently is a gift from my mum and it's kinda orange-ish ! So today I went to SASA for blusher hunting and the sales girl introduced me this - Canmake Duo Blusher # 2 Rose Tiara for RM 42.90 . Love the color !


Etude House Eyeshadow - BR 303 for RM 9.90 .


Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer # 1 for RM 25.90 .


Daiso Shiny Powder for RM 5 . Wanted to try out shimmering , shiny powder but lack of budget so I'll give this a try ! :-)


Daiso Pink Blusher for RM 5 .


Daiso Fake Eyelash Storage Case for RM 5 ~ this is really cute , can't resist !

My Body Shop loose powder is finishing soon , any good loose powder you guys can recommend ? Do leave a comment below yeah ? :-)