Sunday, May 1, 2011

Macross Frontier : Sheryl Nome Star Date Photoshoot Preview

Hello guys !


Alto Saotome by ???
Sheryl Nome by Me
Ranka Lee by Jaq Lavena

Finally I got my Star Date !! Have you guys have any idea how difficult izzit for my Ranka and I to get an Alto-hime ?? Actually it's because I'm too tall but I still wanna wear heels that scares all the Altos away . ( ;____; ) But ! My awesome Ranka managed to find us a date eventhough it's just a really short date ! Very happy that I enjoiced during the whole shoot ~♥


Thank you for rushing your costume Lavena dear ! Glad that you are still so moe eventhough you barely have any sleep the night before (* w * )


... and I'm in love with the frog that she made ! The eyes can really sparkle !

Will update more once I get all the photos ! ♥

p/s : KC I love the sky very much * thumbs uppppp /llamafists *