Saturday, December 18, 2010

CF Day 1 report

Hello guys !

Finally the long awaited Comic Fiesta Day 1 post ! If you are following my twitter , I kinda promised that I would blog bout this like yesterday but I was still tired and not so over the CF hangover . =x I've cheated Xsaye's feelings again and again so I'm now fully energized for blogging !

My burd isn't here during the weekends ~ I'm glad that Blur was so kind to give me a ride for both days ! If not I would have gone by cab and imagine how much $$$ will fly away just like that . . . Thanks so much Blur , I promised to " belanja " you your super big juicy burger okies ! Don't refuse ah next time ! 8D

Warning : Lots of pix ahead !







Woke up around 6 a.m to shower and get ready ! I prefer to make up at home so that I won't have so much to prepare at the event itself . Blur reached my place around 7.30 a.m and off we go to pick up Angie and Crystal !


Had breakfast near Angie's place . Burds . Reminds me of my burd . lol


Not really breakfast actually . We just had ice Milo for the rest of the day . I'll tell you why later .


After our drinks , we head towards Mbek and Crystal's place . Gosh ~ Mbek and Crystal were already in costumes already ! Made me stress a bit .. so I changed into my maid dress too minus the wig .


Off to Times Square ! Made a few wrong turns , GPS is made to con toll fees I think . We passed the toll station twice because the GPS said so . lolololololol !


Crystal got crushed by Angie's props . Omg Crystal you are so cute . ( *____ * )


Yay ! Finally we reached !


The place is so packed ! Can't even buy the entrance ticket because the line is sooooooo long that you feel dizzy by just looking at it . So we camped somewhere near the toilet and went to change into our costumes and put on our wigs !


Sexy Arisa as Beast from Kuroshitsuji and Mbek as Rei Ayanami from Evangelion . Both their costumes are so nice ! Arisa is a sexy beast and Mbek ~ thumbs up to your handmade costume !


/brofists yoyoyoyoyi enjoiceee !


I did Luka Megurine [ maid illustration ver . ] People can't recognize what I was cosplaying , but it's definitely not random maid . 8D


Shiro doing the infamous " Kira " pose .


Found KC ! ^^



This is Xsaye , the super duper pretty and cute young girl . ( and the one that I cheated her feelings ) Hur hur hur 8D


Gahhhhhh ~ she make me feel old . But she is so cute that you feel that taking a pix with her is a must !


Xsaye as Mio Akiyama from K-ON !


Had a mini shoot with Shiro and his friend ! =)




Owhhh I spotted a Box-kun ! Too bad I'm cosplaying and I have no friend with me or I will confirm take a pix with himmmmmm ~ ( ^ ____ ^ )


Presenting Razrig !


. . . and his signature pose . =)


with Rox-Windy !


with Blur !


Very moe Aiko Shorin as Suiseiseki and her friend as Souseiseki from Rozen Maiden !


Very nice watering can and scissors . 8D


Beast gets all the love . Unfair I want hugs from them too !


With Aiko Shorin =)


with Souseiseki . Sorry ah ~ I didn't quite get your name ! * feels bad *


with Chooi San !


with pretty Angeline 8D


Ciel Phantomhive and a very cute Fox-like ? character .




The full Rozen Maiden group . Didn't get to snap the whole group ! T____T


Hibiki Tokai and Kirakishou snapping dunno who's photo . lolololololol !


Me and Shine as Suigintou !


Jerry as Ragna Bloodedge and Wen Sheng as Iron Tagger !


Ohohohohoho ~ * fangurls all over him * He is in my Blazblue team too ! Can't wait for full group photoshoot next year ~ ( *_____* )


Fufufuf ~ leng chai Ragna !



Sakuya as Death Master !


with Sakuya !


with Massy !


with Pedo ni-sama . LOLOLOLOL !


Rong Tau and Sally ! 8D


Allen and pretty Cappy as Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier !


Frank as Kaito and Aya as Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid [ Cantarella ver. ]



OMG ~ you guys are soooo gorgeous together !


They can auto pose when I aim my camera at them in less than 2 seconds . lol ! I'm serious one !


Owh ~ Kazeki's epicness . Kazeki as Reika Shimohira from Gantz !


Kazeki and her awesome team ! Gantz is one of my fav manga due to all the blood , sexiness and gore ~ so happy to see someone actually cosplaying it ! * fangurls all over them *


me and Kazeki .


me and Mintos 8D


Kazuko !


Suan , Ivy and Fang Fang ! I wanna marry all of them ! ( * _____* ) They are all so elegant and pretty in this cosplay . I'm not sure which series it's from though .


with Ivy .


with leng leng Suan . XD


with Fang Fang !


Finally my sayang arrived after the long wait ! I can't wait to see her as Strength from BRS !


Lavena as Strength from BRS . Awesomenesss !


with my moeness sayang /Lavena !


Then Black Gold Saw arrived .


Everyone crowding her to take her photo ! Guess who ?


It's Sue Lynn !!!! You are super hot girl ! So proud of you ~ your handmade everything is so nicely done ! =')


Crystal as Mokou ! * hugs * Why u so cute !



Akihiko as Moka from Rosario Vampire !

About 3 p.m or so , I changed back to my casual clothes ! Feel kinda bad because people have been asking me why I'm not cosplaying ~ but .. but I wanna take photos ! I'm partially glad that I changed , if not I wouldn't have taken so many pix ~ pix of all these lovely cosplayers that I meet here . * photog mode : ON *


Guess who owns this super cute Penguin ?







Aiyahhhhhhh ~ * massive nosebleeds * Collie , Senyakun and Sakurai is . . . super moe . nooooooo ~ * melts *


with Senyakun 8D * nosebleeds *


with Sakurai Jin . Can I die happily now ? * wipes nose *


with Collliee penguinnnnnnn ! * melts x 9000 *


Spotted Yoyoi Labbit and Louise Yen ! I don't know the series that they are cosplaying , but definitely love the costumes and colourful wigs ! ( ^ ____ ^ )


With Yoyoi !


with Yen !


Dolly as Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles !


Awesomeness Hetalia team from Singapore ! They are so friendly that I feel like hugging each and everyone of them ~ * fangurls * I'm officially a fangurl now . Ohohohohoho . * blush *


Then I found the Goddess aka Venus ! My eyes popped out when I saw her . She's an amazing Ashura ! * drools *


Ahhhh ~ I'm beside the Goddess !


*dies *

* self-revived *

I managed to meet Skye The Sheryl Nome in real life ! Omggggg she is so gorgeous !

* dies again *


urghhh Skye why so so pretteh ! D8


Ayase ! She was a part of a super epic team ~ but I didn't get to snap their whole group . Theirs costumes are so detailed and luxurious . ( * _____ * )


Kikyo owhhhhh Kikyo . Always so gorgeous ! Can't stop staring at her . ( * ___ * )


Kikyooooooo ~ * fangurls *

I did visit the event hall for awhile but it was so packed and crowded that I felt like fainting . lol ! There is so many things to see ( and buy ) but I kinda missed everything ~ ( ;_____; ) But hey ~I did manage to visit my hometown friend's booth !

Plus , some beautiful dollfies for me to drool at :







Rina-chan and Kana-sama ! Gosh ~ I never return to Sabah for a long time dy , feel kinda happy seeing my hometown friends =) Glad that you guys actually come over for CF !


Had dinner with my lovely Chiaki ! Haha ~ we had lots of catching up to do ! So happy that I finally can eat around 7 p.m after the cup of milo and bread I had since morning ~ cosplaying actually is a good way to eat less , cuz you won't feel like eating for the whole day and won't feel anything .8D



Iced Ying Yong !


Chicken Rice .


This marks the end of Comic Fiesta Day 1 ! Was really tired because I hardly have any good sleep . Kinda worth it though because I get to meet all my lovely friends under one roof . Hohohohoho ~


My loots for the day !


Doujinshi by Kana-sama !


*massive nosebleeds * I found this at the end of the doujin , a drawing specially drawn by her for me . Omg I am so happpppppy ! ( Ki-Chan is my nickname btw )

Overall , my first CF was enjoyable . There are so many things to see , so many unique cosplays and so many friendly peeps that made this day so memorable !

CF Day 2 report next !