Monday, February 6, 2017



Meet BabyG !
She arrived at my studio on Christmas Eve , in a Silver box with Purple Ribbon on Top. My first thought was , what could it be ? ( never expected that it would be a kitten btw )
I heard a soft purr , then she jumped out of the box ! I was like , " What The Hell ?? "

For those who are asking me about my other cats , they are all in my other house . I've been staying alone for almost a year now. I know , exactly how long I left this blog growing mold .For the year 2016 , I was busy with traveling overseas for events every month . When I'm not traveling , I would be busy making costumes or updating other social media ( like my Instagram , Twitter and Facebook Page )

Anyways , back to BabyG ! Why the name BabyG ? First thing you must know about me is that I'm extremely bad in giving pet names. I name my other cats based on physical appearance. Thus the names : Fatty , Whitey and Scrawney. When I saw my new kitten , I just wanted to name her after my idol but my new kitten is a girl . Oh the dilemma ! I ended up calling her BabyG , which can also mean BabyG ( my favorite watch ) or just Baby Girl. But she is looking more like a boy now oh no !

Truthfully , I call her " Baby ! " in short. I mean no matter how fancy the names are , you probably won't even call it in full. The cat will be confused ! Nowadays she responds well to her name. The tip of giving pets name is : The Shorter The Better.

I also got a New Camera. The first camera that I own , with my own money of course. It took me years thinking about wanting to get one , and finally I got one this year ! Now , I'm trying to learn how to use it properly , I'm really bad in gadget stuff btw. 

Guess who is my first volunteer ? No other than BabyG !


( The older she grow , the grumpier her face is. )


( But she can look really cute too , she has big round eyes ! )



Ah , I'm so excited. Hope that with a stronger willpower , I'll actually blog more often this year. I want to have a more productive 2017 , venture into more different things. It's February already , I need to work harder !

p/s : BabyG has an Instagram account : BabyG2610 , follow her to have a daily dose of her cuteness !

With Love ,