Friday, August 16, 2013

Cosplay | Hatsune Miku | 7th Heaven Dragon 2020

Hello guys !

I can't lie but now I'm in semester 7 in my course , I could barely squeeze in any time for blogging anymore. But then there are too many things that I want to share. I'm having all kinds of emotions in me right now that I feel that I have the need to release it .LOL. 

I'm actually kinda stressed out. Last semester was crazy . I had so little sleep so that I could do well in all my subjects. I just couldn't do well in one and sacrifice others. I just want everything to be good. I guess that's why I'm burning now. I'm stressed out not because I have lots of assignments , I'm stressed out because I am so kiasu hor I want everything to get A LOOOOOOOL. Initially I thought we would have at least 3 weeks of sem break , but no ~ only two weeks minus 2 days because I need to go back to college for extra assessment ! * sigh * I definitely needed a longer break because semester 7 is another long semester. I will have to fight till Christmas.

It's driving me crazy. Sometimes I feel like " Ehhhhh whatever la , just finish this for the sake of finishing it . " But I've worked hard for the past 2 years , it would be a waste to give up now. I want to be better. And I'm starting class next week. OMG. * sobs *

My semester break this time is short but productive ? I haven't touched my TV and PS3 since January due to my college .( My life is basically wake up > go college > eat lunch > go back home > assignment > sleep.) So in these two weeks , I completed two games !! Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite. Tomb Raider was really fun , I enjoyed the game very much ~ strong survivor + myths + action. While BioShock Infinite was mind blowinggggggggg. Someone in Twitter warned me bout the ending and I wasn't  thinking much till I finished it. If you play, you'll know why. :)

Anyways , two more days to a new semester and 3 more weeks to AFA Indonesia 2013 ! I'm excited but I still have a costume to complete. * + stress * I will work hard okay ?( ;__; )


Hatsune Miku | TYPE 2020 | 7th Heaven Dragon 2020


Ying Tze as Hatsune Miku


PHOTO BY | KennTee Photography

I'm not lying when I say that I was really chubby back in April. I haven't been cosplaying for 8 months back then and I don't really care much bout myself and completely focus in my college. Which makes me fat. I eat a lot during midnight to fuel my energy to stay up till 5 AM. LOOOOL. I'm not kidding hor , the costume I made last year , hoping that I can wear it this year , end up all can't wear at all. Everything grew LOL. * sigh * Anyways , now I'm trying my best to eat clean. * thumbs up *

One of my fav photoshoot so far ~ it's short but I really like all the photos. This version of Miku is something that I planned since early 2012 but I don't have the time for it. Just glad that everything went well. Kenneth / KennTee Photography knows me well , we have been working together since 2010 ? Thank you leh for be patient with me looooooool. /brofists.










With Love ,

Ying Tze