Saturday, April 6, 2013

Costume | Evangelion | Asuka Maid


I'm back with a costume update ! It's from Evangelion , Asuka Langley Soryu in maid uniform ~ Been wanting to make this costume for quite some time already. Finally I got my lazy ass up and work on it for 3 days straight. Haven't been making costumes for awhile now ( as long as I took a break from cosplay ) , all I can say that I re-kindled my love for costume making again ! 

Asuka Maid (3)

This version of Asuka is based on a PVC figurine. I find it quite cute compared to other costumes. They have another figurine for Rei too ! Gosh I hope that Mari have more costumes. * cough cough *


Back to the costume , I used Matte Satin for the entire costume. Matte Satin is still my fav fabric as it's kinda versatile and cheap too. The chest part wasn't very accurate because I was supposed to gather it for a better fit.


The maid headband. And lace from the neck piece is leftover from my Sheryl Nurse costume LOL.


The puffy sleeves too me the longest time to sew because there's many steps to it and the easiest part would be the skirt ! 


The back is kinda plain , just a normal bow. I think I would like to add more lace to bling it up.


My fav part of the costume would be the lace on the skirt as well as the apron ! * shy * I made the apron with love. * :p I adore laces with flower motifs , and these roses are just too lovely. 

Working on my Kuro Usagi ( Mondaiji ) costume next !

With Love ,