Saturday, December 1, 2012

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2012 | Part One

Harro !

Just met up with my dad for dinner since he drop by KL for business trip ~ so now I'm full and happy so I decide to be extra hardworking and update my blog bout my AFA Singapore trip ! ( * ____ * ) As you guys already know , I'm one of the MMK girls from Malaysia with the name " Mio " ! This is my third AFA this year and I'm both happy and sad. Happy because I get to meet everybody again , partly sad because it's the last AFA for year 2012 ! I won't be able to meet everyone until next year ~ ( ;___; )

Anyways , let's get started bout my AFA trip this time ! 



Woke up really early to check if I miss out anything and also to doll up a bit ! Dyed my hair to orangey-brown days before because my black roots are showing lol !



Trumpet checking out my luggage ! You know I have 5 cats at home ( 6 now lol ) I always have the feeling that they might end up inside my luggage so I have to make a head count before leaving my house. You know , just in case . 



My boy Orange beside my luggage.



Travelling to airport in KL is a long journey. Cab fare will cost around RM 70- RM 85 !!! So we usually meet and gather at KL Sentral , take a bus to LCCT instead. Cheaper this way , only RM 10 via SkyBus and is comfy !!



Since it's a 40 minute ride , spent my time chatting with Angie and also took many selcas ! ( * __ * ) 



Meet Xing ! Our talented Tarot Card reader and check out his airport fashion ! He was sick that day so he told me that the scarf is to keep his neck warm lol.

Xing has a blog too ! Do check out his blog here :  Xing Tells You.   ( ^__ ^ )



Our new butler from Malaysia , Lavence or also known as Keigo ! He is very tall and a talented photographer too !



Together we form a team ROCKET !!!  I won't tell you why . :p



Bring the boys out !

Xing , Ritchie and Lavence with their shades ON.



In fact we all have shades except Angie. What the ... Angie you should go get a pair soon !



Our airport fashion ! Not intended to wear colorful sweaters together but we did ! I think we kinda look like the Paddle Pop ice-cream lol !! Love Angie's sweater , it has studs on the shoulder ! ( * v * )

My idea of airport fashion is something that can keep me warm. Plane rides tend to get really cold so I learnt my lesson the hard way. * sigh * So it's sweater and jeans for me !



Selca with Angie again before the plane take off !



My trademark octopus face lol. 

That day was my super lucky day. I was so lucky that I don't know wanna laugh or cry. Guess what happened ? I left my bag in the cab after we reached Expo. So forgetful right ? That moment I felt so stupid and screwed because my whole life is in my bag - camera , handphone, passport , money and my luggage's key lol. Almost felt like crying but lucky I GOT IT BACK. Much thanks to Gery , Sir Jim and Jasmine for helping me to call the cab driver !! Singaporean cab drivers are so honest !! Thank you uncle !!  ( ;_____: ) I'm forever grateful !!!!!

Thanks to Xing also because he helped me by praying. /HUGS



After I got back my bag ~ I'm super excited to set up for our MMK Cafe ! It's school theme again this year and I'm so happy that I get to wear school uniform again !!



Outside our Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe ! The illustration is done by our talented meido , Angie or also known as Ringo ! It's really cute ! Chibi version of us MMK girls !



Spot me !


I'm in the middle holding a mirror LOL . I'm always carrying a hand mirror in my bag ~ Angie knows me well !!



My photo in the cafe ! Sir edited a Persian cat behind me . So cute !! ( ^ w ^ )



My mini poster hanging in the cafe ! I love this so much that I brought one home to keep after the event !

 ( * ____ * )



Done setting up ! A peace sign to celebrate lol !

More pictures about the actual event is my next blog post ! Stay tuned ! ( >____ < )

Love ,