Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guilty Crown | Photoshoot

.. And so I'm blessed with an extremely gorgeous Angie as my Inori for the Guilty Crown photoshoot that I had last month. I love everything about Guilty Crown - The opening / ending songs , story , characters and etc. There are few characters that I like for example Shu Ouma , Inori Yuzuriha , and Daryl Yan. ( Who doesn't like blonde boys lolololol )

Angie decided to do the default costume for Inori and I fancy the black school uniform of Shu ! I used Matte Black Satin for this costume , it's thick but turns out slightly shiny. Bought the school badge online because there's no way I can draw a decent looking badge :x  Angie's beautiful Inori costume is fully made out of leather ! :)

Usually I won't be choosing boy characters because of my thick/pouty lips , I hardly can pull off guy characters :( But I love Shu very much ( as much as Ittoki ) so I decided to give it a try. Didn't style my wig properly this photoshoot ~ definitely will cut and re-style it for next month ! ;p

Guilty Crown


Ying Tze as Shu Ouma
Angie as Inori Yuzuriha


Anthony Lee
Kenneth Tee


Respective cosplayers

p-dsc05603 (1)

Ying Tze as Shu Ouma


Angie as Inori Yuzuriha






" So everything that makes me whole ,

I will dedicate them all to you now,

I'm yours . "


" With your hand in mine ,
We can go on forever and ever ,
No matter how far it takes us ,
You tell me again I'm no longer alone ,
And again , you smile."

- My Dearest , Supercell -

Happy Valentines Day ! * A *