Friday, October 14, 2011

Hong Kong Halloween Treats 2011 | Day 3

Hey guys !

Day 3 was the final day of shooting in Hong Kong ~ ( ;-; ) Good times do pass very fast especially when you have great company :) For the last day , we did more sight-seeing around Hong Kong !


Today I cosplayed as Hatsune Miku " Spacy Nurse Version " again !


In the bus , on our way to The Peak !


The Peak , " I Love You . " I think that this logo is kinda cute ! * v *





Naoki Drachen from Thailand cosplayed as Elizebeth Middleford today ~ matches the costume at the back so we took a picture of her :)


With Naoki Drachen as Elizebeth Middleford from Kuroshitsuji :)


With Alodia as Mirai Suenaga ( Winter Uniform Ver. ) from Danny Choo . com


Oh Ashley ! We saw what you are doing back there ! HAHA


Beautiful Ashley and I :)


A group picture before catching our tram ride ! ^^



IMG_6983 - Copy

It is said that the tram in The Peak has over 120 years of history . Wow !


Filming in the tram itself ~ ^^

I enjoyed the tram ride very much ~ during the whole tram experience , you can have a clear , scenic view of Hong Kong ! Feels like a roller coaster ride too ! Not only that , we just discovered that you can actually stand in the tram when it's at 45 degrees ~ the person-in-charge nicknamed it " Michael Jackson style " . LOL . Naoki , Valerie and I tried it out while wearing 3 inch heels ++ but we didn't fall backwards ~ must try if you happen to visit the The Peak Tram ! :)


Had Burger King for lunch once we reached the top before continuing filming ~ ^^


After our tummies is filled , it's time for Madame Tussauds ! Madame Tussauds is a wax musuem with wax figures of many famous Hollywood Stars , Kung Fu Stars , Pop Stars , Royalty and more . 8)


How can I not take a picture with Iconic Bruce Lee ?



Captain Jack Sparrow looks so real ! Seriously I couldn't even tell that he's just a wax figure ~ Valerie Aya and I are big fans so we took lots of pictures with him :p


Marilyn Monroe !


Ok , I have a crush on Ip Man too :p

For Halloween Special , Madame Tussauds has their very own special horrow show , " SCREAM @ Frankenstein's Lab " . We had to go in with hands of each other's shoulders just like a choo choo train ~ we can't lift our hands or else the game is over ! ;-;

The show was kinda scary and as a horror fan I give them a two thumbs up ! :) Everything is totally unexpected inside . Definitely a must to visit ! 8)

IMG_6903 - Copy

View of Hong Kong from The Peak !

It's super windy here so I was literally blown away ~ HAHA I can't describe my experiences up here in words but I had fun , really . If I weren't in short skirt and wigs I would stand here and enjoy the wind 8) Manson , Mr Penny's personal assistant had to protect my nurse hat from being blown away ~ interesting experience indeed ! :p

IMG_6921 - Copy

Had dinner with the rest of the crew @ The Spaghetti House !

IMG_6916 - Copy



We girls enjoys taking pictures of ourselves very much lolololololol

IMG_6934 - Copy

IMG_6952 - Copy

Ordered their popular Home Made Lasagne and gosh ~ the portion is so generous ! It's so cheesy ~ love this max ! ^^

IMG_6911 - Copy

Our last destination of the day ~ The Victoria Harbour for the Symphony of Lights !

The Symphony of Lights is a daily show that starts at 8pm every night @ Victoria Harbour . It's like a must see show for all tourists that visit Hong Kong ~ Lots of people will gather around this area minutes before 8 pm to catch a glimpse of the dazzling lights on over 40 skyscrapers of Hong Kong :)

IMG_6914 - Copy

Miku was here ! :3

After witnessing the Symphony of Lights ~ that's the end of our three day shoot ! Honestly I feel happy and sad at the same time . Happy that I was able to spend great , quality time with my girls , knowing the wonderful Director Ki and the filming crew . Sad , because I would like to stay longer here in Hong Kong and discover more ! There is so much to see and experience in Hong Kong that I don't feel like leaving yet ~ ;-;

Will definitely come back in the future for a nice holiday ! Wheeeeeeee~~~ > ___ <

IMG_6955 - Copy

This is my shopping haul from our last night in Hong Kong . Valerie Aya and I went crazy in SASA ~ there were so many affordable cosmetics products , a heaven for girls ( cosplayers too ) ! I'm always a fan of Candy Doll products but it's kinda pricey here in KL :( We only got a few because it's kinda late already and we both have early flights the next day !

The ZA foundation powder is superb !







* plays Terminator theme *


I Hong Kong


Now that I had my chance to experience Hong Kong ~ it's your turn ! Just answer 3 simple questions and tell us what's your favourite place to hang out or what kind of activity you would love to do while you are in Hong Kong !

Hurry ! Contest runs from now till the 31st of October 2011 !