Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hong Kong Halloween Treats 2011 | Day 1


Hi guys !

Haven't been able to update my blog much in Hong Kong because our schedule was quite hectic but we did get to visit so many interesting destinations and also tried out different kind of delicious Hong Kong cuisine ! * rubs tummy *

Anyways , this wasn't my first time in Hong Kong . I've been to Hong Kong with my family a couple of times and I just can't stop wanting to visit Hong Kong all over again ! Hong Kong is such a beautiful city with lots of yummy food , great affordable shopping ( girls just love it ) and lots of tourist attractions . There is always new things to discover ! Hong Kong is LOVE .

Much thanks to Animax Asia and Hong Kong Tourism Board for this great opportunity to experience Hong Kong , Halloween style ! * v *


Woke up really early around 4 a.m to catch my flight to Hong Kong via Malaysia Airlines . I couldn't get much sleep the night before because I was worried that I might forget something like parts of my costume or so . Had to like triple check my luggage before I left home ! =w=


Brought my baby Rilakkuma as well ~




It's my first time boarding the Boeing 777-200 ! Gosh , it was spacious and comfy . I was kinda relieved that blankets were provided because it was really cold . The in-flight entertainment was awesome too . Lots of new movies to watch ;)


Arrived Hong Kong around 1pm ! The travel agency , Holiday Travel , then picked me up from the airport and sent me to Kimberley Hotel @ Tsim Sha Tsui .


Some street snaps of Hong Kong .




Checking in Kimberley Hotel ! Kimberley Hotel is situated in Tsim Sha Tsui which is right in the middle of shopping heaven ~ Mong Kok street is just nearby ! It's really convenient because there's a couple of shopping malls nearby and the MTR station is just minutes walk away . ;)


Getting ready for buffet breakfast !


There's complimentary breakfast every morning for hotel guests @ Coffee House , Kimberley Hotel . The food selection was awesome !


My favourite eggs , bacons , grilled chicken breast and baked beans ! 8)


Day one filming for Hong Kong Halloween Treats ! I cosplayed as Hatsune Miku " Spacy Nurse version " from Project Diva 2nd . Took my sweet time getting ready while watching Korean drama on TV . * v *


The fliming crew , Penny the Producer-san and his personal assistant , Manson , picked me up from the hotel and we were off to our first filming destination , Soho ! ( Sorry for not having much pictures of Soho because I was busy filming ;-; )

Soho is bustling with tourists and locals since it's a Sunday . Everyone were busy shopping ! There were so many shops and the shopaholic in me was screaming in excitement !! ~ You can find all sorts of trendy clothes , shoes , accessories , cute plushies , contact lenses , wigs and costumes here ! :D Shopping in Hong Kong is bliss and everything is so affordable. You guys won't be disappointed I promise !

Will link you guys to the video once it's premiered this Sunday !


Lunch break !


Finally met up with super moe Valerie Aya from Singapore ! She cosplayed as Hatsune Miku from Cantarella . Love her beautiful gown * v *


Miku and Miku !


All the filming crew !


My Teriyaki Chicken Bento for lunch ~ * v * Yummy !


Next stop , Ocean Park ! OMG ~ it's always my dream to visit Ocean Park !! I always see Ocean Park appearing in Hong Kong drama series but I didn't get to visit every time I visit Hong Kong ... but finally I did this time ! * unleashed the kid in me * Excited max !

Since it's Halloween Special ~ the whole theme park was decorated horror / Halloween inspired ! Valerie and I get to visit Haunted Houses too . I always love supernatural things so I'm pretty excited ~ Valerie was a bit scared though so we hold hands and went it together ! I enjoyed the " Macabre Studio " the most . The performers were pretty good and the props were awesome !

You guys shouldn't miss out on the cute souvenirs as well . There are so many plushies / keychains / caps / shirts to choose from ! It's so cute that you couldn't resist :p


Our make-up artist helping Valerie Aya to tidy her wig and fix her make-up :)


The Neptune's Restaurant @ Ocean Park .


Gosh , it was such a wonderful dining experience because we get to enjoy our delicious food while having a great view of the Grand Aquarium ! It's really surreal . * v *


We were lucky enough to be able to try out the " Creepiest Halloween Menu " in Ocean Park !



Scrumptious Lamb Shank ! * two thumbs up *


Super cute dessert ! I always have thing for desserts . Just can't resist this one ~ yummy !


This concludes our Day 1 of filming for Hong Kong Halloween Treats ! This polaroid is a gift from Valerie Aya . I guess I should get a polaroid camera soon too . 8)

Day 2 & Day 3 blog post coming up next !